How to Install a Chandelier

How to Install a Chandelier

How to Install a Chandelier Without Hiring an Electrician

Installing a chandelier is the perfect way to add instant style and glamour to your home.

If you’ve recently purchased a chandelier, but aren’t sure how you can install it yourself, here’s a quick and simple guide that will explain all the steps you need to take—without having to hire an electrician.


Step 1 - Turn the power off

Before doing any work that involves electrics, you should always switch off the power to the circuit where you’ll place your chandelier.

You should also double-check that the power is definitely off by switching the lights on and off a few times.


Step 2 - Detach old fixtures


If your chandelier is replacing an existing light fixture, start by removing all of the detachable portions from the previous fixture. Then you can completely remove the fixture, which you may need a screwdriver to do. 

These steps are much easier if you have someone to help you, or if you use a step ladder.


Step 3 - Wiring


Once you’ve detached the fixture, look at the wiring. You should be able to see 2 or more wires of different colours.

Take a picture on your phone to remember what the wiring looks like so you can make sure it’s correct once you install your new chandelier.

Now disconnect the wiring by unscrewing the plastic connectors.


Step 4 - Prepare your new chandelier


After detaching the previous fixture, you should now be ready to install your brand-new chandelier!

Start by assembling the fixture according to manufacturer instructions, then lay it out on the floor and decide on how long you want the chain to be, cutting off any excess length where necessary.

Weave the lamp’s wires through the links in the chain and, once they’re all the way through, strip the ends to reveal about an inch of exposed copper.


Step 5 - Install your chandelier


You first need to install a crossbar or bracket to the mounting box and screw the top of your collar loop into the centre of the crossbar.

Then start threading the wires through the loop and attach the top chain link to the loop as well—you’ll need to use pliers to open and close the chain link.

Once you push the wires through the collar loop you can connect them to the electrical circuit (you can double-check using the picture we took earlier) and make sure they’re secured.


Step 6 - Finish


Now all you need to do is tuck the wires into the back of the electric box, thread the canopy over the collar loop, secure it and then install your chosen lightbulb.

All that’s left is to turn the power back on and enjoy your brand-new chandelier!


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