About us

HDLS. Lighting LTD


We are an online luxury lighting company based in Cheltenham, offering a wide range of lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, wall fittings, table & floor lamps, as well as accessories. 

Luxury and modernity are our passion and we are proud to provide the highest quality products made from the finest materials at the lowest prices and with the fastest possible delivery service.

Having worked with reputable interior designers in the UK, UAE, and USA, CANADA and across Europe, we have found that one of the biggest obstacles they face is not having their orders delivered on time. In order to combat this issue, we strive to ensure delivery within 21 working days at the latest.

We also endeavour to offer a very competitive price range, making our products both affordable and accessible.


We love homes, we love design and we love luxury. There is no better feeling than seeing our pieces being used in design projects.