What Should You Take into Consideration Before Purchasing a Chandelier?

What Should You Take into Consideration Before Purchasing a Chandelier?

At Home Decor Light Store, we’re big fans of chandeliers. Not only are they the perfect light fixture to add the WOW factor to your home, but they’re also a timeless piece that’s never going to go out of style.

Although we think that chandeliers are a must-have decor item for any home, not every chandelier will work in your space.

A good chandelier can completely transform any room in your house, making it look brighter and more glamorous. But to get the most out of your light fixture, you need to know what to look for when buying one.

There are many different options and considerations that you must take into account to decide whether the chandelier you’re looking at online will look just as good in your home.

Here’s everything you should think about to help you find the best chandelier for your space.

A range of styles to choose from

When choosing a chandelier for your home, you may find some amazing and unique designs, but they won’t always fit in with your existing interior design style.

You also have to be aware of the different sizes, shapes and proportions of the light fixtures – it’s no good buying something if it won’t fit in your home!

A lot of people will think of the traditional, regal style of chandeliers at first, but actually, there is a whole range of styles that you could choose from.

On our website, we’ve split all our chandeliers into two categories; modern and luxury, to make it easier to narrow down your search.

In the modern category, you’ll find contemporary pieces that look very different from your standard chandelier. Featuring unique shapes, unusual designs and fun colours that let you unleash your interior design creativity.

In the luxury category, you’ll find more traditional styles. There are lots of crystals, glamour and opulence to be found – if that’s your style!

Shape and size

Chandeliers come in a range of shapes and sizes; from round cages to rectangular boxes and multi-layered light fixtures that complement various interiors.

In addition to the aesthetics of your new light fitting and how it will look with the rest of your furniture, you also need to consider if it will actually fit in your home.

Double-check the measurements of the chandelier you’re looking at and measure the space you have in your home to see how much space it will take up. You don’t want it to be too small, or too big.

Another important consideration is the weight of your chandelier. If it’s an extremely heavy light fitting, you want to make sure that your ceiling has the strength to support it.

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