Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas

6 Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas to Add Style to Your Space

You’ve spent hours designing your living room space to make it completely your style, but no room can be finished without considering what lighting you’re going to use.

We’d argue that lighting is one of the most important features of any room, and can instantly transform your space into one that’s lighter, brighter and much more stylish.

If you’re having trouble deciding on what kind of lighting to use in your living room, here are 6 of the most modern and up-to-date lighting ideas to inspire you to add some style to your space.

 1. Large Pendant Light


Our Gloria Frizzante Designer Pendant Light is perfect for those who want an unusual, yet striking lighting fixture in their living room.

This interesting design is an art piece so is sure to instantly catch the attention of any guests you have over.


2. Postmodern Italian Chandelier


If classic chandeliers aren’t your thing, you’ll love our Riccioli Grigio Scuro Chandelier that’s been designed in a post-modern style to complement any minimalist decor you may already have planned.


This subtle, yet effective, chandelier will give a hint of style to your living room while looking totally unique. We suggest adding this in a room of natural, minimal colours to tie everything together.


3. Extravagant drop chandelier


If you want to really go big or go home, this Extravagant Italian Chandelier will make the perfect addition to your living room.

This centrepiece light features an interesting drop design that adds drama and glamour to a space while offering a comforting light to set the mood in your living room.

 4. Contemporary LED Pendant Light


Our fun and abstract Contemporary LED Pendant Light is made up of suspended light-up circles which will create a unique and interesting lighting effect in your living room.

This lamp can be paired with a fun and bright interior design style or can be used to add the wow factor to a minimalist living room.


5. Contemporary tiered chandelier


Tiered lighting fixtures are always going to be popular, but if you want to bring this style into a more modern space, our Contemporary Luxury LED Chandelier could be the one for you.

Made from the finest materials, this chandelier will work in any space and give a unique burst of light, but we think it will make the best addition when used in your living room.


6. Full crystal chandelier


Can you think of anything more glamorous than our Full Crystal Designer Chandelier?

This stunning design is about as luxurious as we can imagine, being made of the finest K9 clear crystals and a stainless-steel finish. It’s a classic, tiered design that’s been brought into the modern day with the most luxurious design.


Have you been inspired to add a chandelier to your space? Take a look at our full collection of modern and luxurious chandeliers that we offer at the Home Decor Light Store.

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